FloatedAds – is a WordPress plugin allowing users to add two floated banners around their website main container, on the right and left side, giving the ability to hide these banners on mobile devices and show another floated banner flying from the bottom of the screen, including also many other features.


  • Manually assign your website main container width (included a tool to help you measuring it).
  • Hide your banners if screen is less than a pre-set value (useful in case you want to hide banners on small screen resolutions).
  • Margin adjustment for your banners (Top, left and right adjustment) for both banners.
  • Availability to show your banners on homepage only.
  • Option to separately control the appearance of each banner (right, left and mobile).
  • Sticky style option.
  • Option to use WordPress media library to choose your banner image with custom link.
  • Availability to use your own custom code banner.
  • Supports Google Adsense code (fixed size units only, not the responsive ones).
  • Option to show an alternative mobile banner on mobile devices (it can be either image or custom code banner as well).


You can check this plugin in action on this demo website.


A simple documentation of the plugin with an easy “How to use” guide, can be found here.


You can download FloatedAds WordPress plugin from github here.

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